Salem, NH

This accessibility guide helps people with mobility challenges in Salem stay engaged in the community. The Access Navigators team takes to the streets to inspect restaurants and cultural attractions for physical barriers that impact accessibility and regularly updates our findings in this handy guide. You can contribute by adding your observations using our online assessment report!

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Romano's Pizzeria154 Main St. Salem, NH 03079 side clearance, free of steps, proper size2 grab bars, clearances all aroundClear path between furniture, low tables2 van access handicap parking
Border Brewery and BarbequeCasual Restaurant224 N Broadway, Salem, NH 03079, semi-tight corner in hallway leading to dining areaAccessible restrooms, 3 grab bars in bathroomAll high tables except for one standard height table that can be pulled out and set up On-site parking lot with 6 accessible spacesSalem, NH
The ColosseumItalian Restaurant264 North Broadway, Salem, NH 03079, men's restroom had 1 grab bar, women's had 2Good, spacious, standard height tablesOn-site parking lot with 6 accessible spacesSalem, NH
JajaBelle's Pastry and Coffee ShopPastry and Coffee Shop182 Main St, Nashua, NH 03060 large enough, pull side clearance to the right of door (angled) if no outside chair is thereUnable to assess, closed when visitedClear paths and standard height tables, counter at an accessible height (about waist height)Reported from employee of parking services: A few handicapped spaces along main street. Can park anywhere with a valid handicapped parking permit, but must follow time restrictions. The town does not have a map or record of number and locations of the specifically designated handicapped spots though.Salem, NH
Tuscan KitchenAuthentic Italian food, higher-end pricing67 Main St, Salem, NH 03079 doorway, pull-side clearance, double doors, plants are around the entry way however not blocking pull-side clearance, might need assistance with opening the heavier doorRestrooms located on the upper and lower level, elevator accessible, one stall in each with 2 grab bars and moveable space in entire bathroom, electric flushBoth high and standard height tables in all dining rooms, there is plenty of room to navigate throughout the dining room, chairs and other furniture are movable, elevator available to access the lower dining rooms near the main entrance4 accessible parking spaces, all have van accessSalem, NH
New Chief Wok 224 N Broadway Salem, NH 03079 Pull side clearance, entry hallway a bit tight, may need some assistance2 grab bars, restroom tight but accessibleClear path between furniture, standard height tables6 accessible parking spaces
Wasabi Steakhouse236 N. Broadway Salem, NH 03079 door wide enough doorway, need assistance with second door Tight getting into bathroom, high chairs and buckets blocking but staff willing to move, need staff to move changing table in restroom stall, hand dryer far from sink. Hibachi standard height tables2 accessible parking spaces
Maddie's Bagel and Eatery240 N. Broadway Salem, NH 03079 side clearance, free of stepsCan only use one of two bathrooms because blocked by baby chairs, 2 grab barsTight interior but staff will assist guests with a proper table, all standard height tables2 accessible parking spacesOutside seating in the summer time
Giovanni's 141 Main Street Salem, NH 03079 main entrance door, pull side clearance, free of steps, wide doorway.2 grab bars, clearance into doorway, very big and accessibleMain counter is high but staff willing to come around to take your order at a table, standard height tablesAvailable and convenient parking right outside or restaurant
The Copper DoorA higher-end restaurant with seasonal and local fare.41 S Broadway, Salem, NH 03079 free of steps, wide doorways, pull-side clearance, two sets of doors, first is a large copper door that is heavy, and the second is a wooden door to the interior, both doors have a power asssist button that opens the doorOn right side of restaurant: one restroom with multiple stalls including one tightly dimensioned accessible stall with 2 grab bars. On the left side of the restaurant: two single restrooms, 3 grab bars in each, space is accessibleBoth high-top and standard height tables throughout the restaurant, most furniture is movable and the dining rooms are spacious and would allow mobilization, outdoor seating is spacious and would be accessibleSix accessible parking spaces"Not too fancy, not too casual, just right!"
Granfanally'sPub354 N Broadway, Salem, NH 03079 is not big enough for pull side clearance with second door, need to have someone open both doors at same time, lacks pull side clearance with first door as well1 accessible bathroom with 3 grab barsGood clearance inside, many standard height tablesOne accessible parking space in front of building


(Image: Chris/CC BY-NC 2.0)