Portsmouth, NH

This accessibility guide helps people with mobility challenges in Portsmouth stay engaged in the community. The Access Navigators team takes to the streets to inspect restaurants and cultural attractions for physical barriers that impact accessibility and regularly updates our findings in this handy guide. You can contribute by adding your observations using our online assessment report!

Map link: portsmouth.accessnavigators.com

BarrioTaco eateryGoodGoodGood, standard height tablesAccessible on-street spaceAn easy venue, part of 3S Artspace
Bennett’s Sandwich ShopSandwiches41 Congress Street, PortsmouthGood entry, friendly helpful staffAccessible restroomGoodOn-street or Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Bob’s Broiled ChickenCasual restaurant801 Islington Street, Gallagher’s Place, PortsmouthGood, a single door with no vestibule, very accommodating staffAccessible restrooms, two grab barsGoodAmple off street parking lot with an accessible parking spot at their front door
Breaking New GroundsCoffee shop and bakery14 Market Street, Portsmouthhttp://bngcoffee.comRight hand door is the accessible entryAccessible restroomSelf-serve counter, tables well spaced. Cream and sugar is on a high counter, difficult to access while holding a hot coffee.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Popular venue on summer weekends
BRGR BarModern burger joint34 Portwalk Place, Portsmouthhttp://brgr-bar.comGoodAccessible restroomStandard height tablesHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)New construction
British Beer CompanyBritish food and beer103 Hanover Street at Portwalk Place, Portsmouthhttp://www.britishbeer.comGoodRamped corridor to accessible restroomPlenty of standard height tables. In the rear dining room are two alcoves that accommodate six-eight people at a table, nice for being tucked away from dining room traffic.New construction
Bubby's NY Style DelicatessenDeliGoodExcellent, four grab barsGood, standard height tablesBridge St lot (two accessible spaces)Two-level patio. Upper level entry from deli, lower level entry from sidewalk.
Cafe EspressoBreakfast and lunch800 Islington Plaza, Portsmouthhttp://www.cafe--espresso.comGood, vestibule with adequate spaceAccessible restroomsWell spaced standard height tablesOn site parking lotEvery Tuesday morning, people living with brain injuries come together for a friendly and informal gathering, sharing coffee and conversation in the rear dining room.
Café MediterraneoItalian cuisine119 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.cafe-mediterraneo.comGoodAccessible restroom, slightly blocked by a console table. Management moves the table when a patron with disabilities is in the restaurantVery good, well spaced tables, all standard heightBridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)Friendly, helpful staff
Caffé KilimTurkish coffee163 Islington Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.caffekilim.comSlightly ramped, 28" wide. No pull side clearance, a companion will need to hold the door.Accessible restroomWell spaced tables on coffee service side, all standard height. Passage through to specialty market side of shop has a 1? threshold lip, market side also has standard height tables.On street
CavaTapas and wine bar10 Commercial Alley, Portsmouthhttp://cavatapasandwinebar.comGood.Accessible restroomsInterior / exterior access: There are standard height tables on the patio and in the street-level dining room. There is a lower level, not accessible. Patio includes standard height tables.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Ceo’s Gelato BistroSmall batch artisan gelato43 Pleasant Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.facebook.com/ceosgelato/goodAccessible restroomSpacious. There is an accessible-height counter along the front window with a great view of downtown activitiesHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Clipper TavernClassic pub and gathering spot75 Pleasant Street, Portsmouthhttp://clippertavernportsmouth.comLevel entry. Pull side clearance is blocked by a planter, a companion will need to hold the door. On nice days the door is kept propped open.Accessible sized restroom with one grab bar. Turning radius and entry is slightly blocked by a table.Good, standard height tables.On-street or Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces) or the Parrott Ave Parking Lot (4 handicapped spaces).During busy hours there is a host inside, happy to help hold the door.
Cornerstone Artisanal Pizza & Craft BeerPizza and casual dining110 Brewery Ln, Portsmouth, NH 03801http://cornerstoneportsmouth.comGood. This is a multi-tenant building with shared entry. Entry hall is good and is also used by other businesses in the building.Two accessible restrooms inside of restaurant. In the shared common building entry hallway there are an additional four restrooms. The two middle restrooms, unmarked on the day of our visit, are accessible.Two levels of dining. Entry level has standard height tables, upper level not accessible.From Brewery Lane, best entry and accessible parking is on the right hand side of the buildingTwo-level outdoor patio coming soon. Lower level will be accessible from main dining room, upper level not accessible.
The DistrictCasual fine dining, kitchen open late103 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://thedistrictnh.comGoodAccessible restroomsVery good, well spaced tables, standard heightBridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)Friendly, helpful staff
The Dolphin StrikerNew England style comfort food15 Bow Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.dolphinstriker.comThe Dolphin Striker is on a steep section of Bow Street. For drop off, there is a curb cut on the corner of Bow and Ceres Streets. The entryway way to the restaurant has no pull side clearance; a companion may need to hold the door.Restroom is not accessible. If you need an accessible restroom, this is not your venue.Good, standard height tables in front dining room. 5½ “ step to rear dining room. In rear dining room there is a 30” wide hallway to restrooms that are not accessible.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Comment: The lower level, The Spring Hill Tavern, is a music venue and bar. Not accessible.
DomoJapanese96 State Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.domoportsmouth.comNo pull side clearance, a companion will need to hold the door.Accessible restroomStandard height tables, comfortably spacedMemorial Bridge lot (2 handicapped spaces), Prescott Park lot (5 handicapped spaces)
Durbar SquareHimalayan Cuisine10 Market Street, Portsmouthhttp://durbarsquarerestaurant.comThreshold is good. No pull side clearance, a companion will need to hold the door.Accessible restroom. There is a long corridor beside the open kitchen, accessible restroom is at the end of the corridor. Other non-accessible restrooms are on the lower level.There are three standard height tables at street level, inside the front window. They are nicely spaced. The main dining room is upstairs with no elevator.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Friendly staff happy to help with any requests.
Fezziwig’s Food and FountainWhimsical brasserie112 State Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.pickwicksmercantile.comGoodAccessible restroomStandard height tables, comfortably spacedMemorial Bridge lot (2 handicapped spaces), Prescott Park lot (5 handicapped spaces)
Figtree Kitchen at Strawbery Banke MuseumSoups, sandwiches, baked goods14 Hancock Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.figtreekitchen.comFront door is heavy, a companion could helpAccessible restroomSelf-serve counter, staff offers to carry food, well spaced tablesFree adjacent museum parking lotCan be crowded during special museum events, otherwise very open
Flatbread CompanyPizza/flatbread and salads138 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://flatbreadcompany.comGoodAccessible restroomVery goodBridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)
Franklin Oyster HouseSeafood, oyster bar, American cuisine148 Fleet Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.franklinrestaurant.comGoodAccessible restroomAll high tops in front bar, plenty of standard tables in rear dining areaHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Friendly vibe
Friendly ToastBreakfast all day, sandwiches113 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://thefriendlytoast.comNo steps but you might want someone to hold the door. Vestibule is small, and doorway is narrow and not ADA compliant but if someone holds the doors, it’s okay.Accessible restroomGenerally OK, can be very busy on weekends during breakfast and late night rush hours.Bridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)
Fresh PressOrganic juices and food90 Fleet Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.freshpressne.comGoodAccessible restroomCounter service with friendly staff willing to carry your food or drink to your tableHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)New renovation, fully accessible
The GoodsSandwiches, Salads, Dinners to-go29 Vaughan Mall, Portsmouthhttp://www.thegoodsnh.comGood for entry, no push side clearance for exiting.Accessible restroom; the access to the restroom is pinched to 28? by drink machines.Roomy interior, eating counter is a high-top, the fixins’ counter is standard height. Standard height outdoor patio tables in warm weather.Bridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)
Green ElephantAsian inspired vegetarian bistro and bar35 Portwalk Place, Portsmouthhttp://www.greenelephantnh.comGood entry, but very heavy door. Will need assistance to openAccessible restroomWell spaced tables, standard heightHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)New construction
Harpoon Willy’sIconic deck, on the waterfront67 Bow Street, Portsmouthhttp://harpoon-willys.comLevel, no obstacles, from the waterfront ‘alley’ running alongside the decksIndoors, up steps, not accessibleStandard height tables, very tight circulation, especially when busyHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)This popular deck can be shoulder to shoulder packed on a warm day, limiting circulation. Seasonal, weather dependent.
Joe’s New York PizzaPizza124 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.joesnewyorkportsmouth.comNo pull side clearance, a companion will need to hold the door.Large accessible-sized restroom, no grab barsNo barriers to serviceHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces) or Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)
Jumpin Jays Fish CafeSeafood restaurant150 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.jumpinjays.comGoodAccessible restroomsVery good, well spaced tables, standard heightBridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)Friendly, helpful staff
Kaffe VonsollnEuropean style coffee shop79 Daniel Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.kaffeevonsolln.comNo pull side clearance, a companion will need to hold the door.Accessible restroomStandard height tables, large open areaHanover Street Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Kilwin’s PortsmouthIce cream and candy shop20 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.kilwins.comGood, tucked under cover, nice in bad weatherSign says ‘no public restroom’ but there is a fully ADA accessible restroom for customers. On the day we visited, the hallway to the restroom was blocked with deliveries and a small tensabarrier, but the manager assured us that it is normally clear.AcceptableHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
La Maison NavarreFrench bakery and cafe121 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.mnpastry.comGood, tucked under cover, nice in bad weatherAll restrooms are on the lower level, including an accessible restroom. There is a very nice wheelchair lift big enough to hold a wheelchair occupant plus a companion. The lift travels between the street level and the lower level but does not go to the mezzanine level function room.GoodHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Lazy JacksOutdoor seafood bar and grill, on the waterfront58 Ceres Street, PortsmouthGoodAccessible restroomsA generous number of standard height tables.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Seasonal restaurant, weather dependent.
Legends Billiards and TavernBar & Billiards80 Hanover Street, Portsmouthhttp://bit.ly/legendsbilliardsGood entryAccessible restroomGood and very spaciousNext to the Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)New renovation (ongoing), fully accessible
Lexie’sBurgers and more212 Islington St, Portsmouthhttp://www.peaceloveburgers.comGood entry, slight ramp down to dining areaAccessible restroomGood, standard height tablesOn-street or in lot in front of building
Martingale WharfAmerican fare on the waterfront99 Bow Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.martingalewharf.comWaterfront: There are two steps up from the Ceres/Bow St row of waterfront decks. The only accessible entry is from Bow Street. Bow St: Use the Martingale Wharf entry door to lobby, elevator to ‘W’ level labeled Martingale Wharf.Very accessible restroomsMain bar/dining and deck are good and include standard height tables; East Lounge is all hi-top tables; West Room is standard height tables. All have good circulation.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
MomboInternationally inspired cuisine66 Marcy Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.momborestaurant.comThere is a long entry ramp shared by Mombo and Strawbery Banke’s Shapley-Drisco House. The doorway is good.Accessible restroomStandard height tables, generously spaced. Management is very knowledgeable about which of their tables have best clearance depending on type of chair and pointed out a large banquette table that is particularly well suited to larger parties which include a patron in a wheelchair.Private parking lot for Mombo customers. The parking lot attendant is happy to help with any loading or unloading needs.There is an outdoor patio in the rear. It is not accessible from the restaurant, but upon request, management has a small ramp that allows access from the sidewalk adjacent to the patio.
The Oar HouseFine food amidst maritime heritage55 Ceres Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.portsmouthoarhouse.comGood entryAccessible restroomsWell spaced tables, standard height. The path to the side dining room is easier through the bar/lounge area.The Oar House has its own private parking with 40 available spaces. A seasonal valet can help direct you to the easiest location. You can also drop off at the restaurant door.The owner has been thoughtful in reconfiguring the host podium and entry area to be more accommodating to all patrons. The Oar House is one of the only restaurants in Portsmouth that serves traditional whole lobsters. There is a waterfront deck, it is not accessible.
Ohana KitchenPoke bowls and sushi burritos800 Islington Plaza, Portsmouthhttp://www.ohana.kitchenGoodAccessible restroomWell spaced standard height tablesOn-site large parking lot, four accessible spaces near the entryOhana Kitchen offers curbsite pickup with both call-in and online orders
Poco’s Bow Street CantinaMexican restaurant37 Bow Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.pocosbowstreetcantina.comBow Street entry has a tightly constrained vestibule entry with no pull side clearance. A companion will need to hold the door. Waterfront entry to patio and cantina is goodAccessible restrooms upstairs in Bow St dining room and downstairs in waterfront cantinaBow St dining room has both high top and standard tables. Upper deck is high top tables only. Waterfront patio is accessible, waterfront cantina is accessibleHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Two Ceres Street martini bar, also part of Poco’s, can be accessed through the waterfront deck, but not through the Ceres Street main entry. There is no accessible rest room in the martini bar, but upon request, staff will allow access to the cantina restroom via a back-of-house staff corridor.
Popovers on the SquareSoups, salads, sandwiches, bakery8 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.popoversonthesquare.comGood entry, under coverAccessible restroomCounter service, staff will deliver food to your table if you askHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)New construction, nice patio
Profile Coffee BarCoffee bar15 Portwalk Place, Portsmouthhttp://profilecoffeebar.comGood entryAccessible restroomWell spaced tables, standard heightHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)New construction
Ri Ra Irish PubIrish pub22 Market Square, Portsmouthhttp://www.rira.comRamp entry to good front door/vestibuleAccessible restrooms, men’s room missing a grab barBar is all high tops. There are three standard tables in the rear ‘vault’ dining room. Side dining room is standard tables, but up several steps and inaccessibleHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Friendly staff
River HouseSeafood and American cuisine, on the waterfront53 Bow Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.riverhouse53bow.comWaterfront: Deck seating is accessible, but there is no accessible rest room available for deck patrons. Indoor waterfront seating is up several stairs and not accessible. Bow St: The main Bow St. entry is not accessible. There is a second entry to the right on Bow St that has a ramp available by request. Call ahead or ask the hostess, and River House will put the ramp in place for you.Side dining room on Bow St level has an accessible restroomBow St side dining room has plentiful standard tables, generously spacedHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Row 34Seafood, oyster bar, American cuisine5 Portwalk Place, Portsmouthhttp://www.row34nh.comThe gently sloped indoor entry ramp is 12’ long and elegantAccessible restroom, a long ramp leads to accessible restroomsVery good. Some tables have a hinged under-leaf that can be popped open making more leg/chair area under the table. You can call ahead and reserve these tables.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)New construction makes this very, very accessible. Staff is friendly and wants to be helpful with any requests
Rudi’s PortsmouthWine bar, lounge and new American cuisine.5 Congress Street and around the corner, 20 High St, Portsmouthhttp://www.rudisportsmouth.comBoth front and rear entries are good.In the front wine bar there is an unmarked one-person unisex accessible restroom to the left of the soft seating in the wine bar – look for the white paneled door.The front wine bar has two areas of soft seating that would easily accommodate the addition of a wheelchair. The rear bar area is all high-top tables, but the adjoining dining room is standard tables. From the rear bar/dining area, you will need to go to the front bar for the accessible restroom. If there is a private party in the middle dining room, just ask, and staff will allow you access through to the front.Rudi’s has its own parking lot in the rear with one accessible parking spot at the door. The sidewalk is ramped for entry. The door to the rear bar is heavy and might benefit from a companion to help. It is also adjacent to the Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces).The staff at Rudi’s are warm and welcoming.
The Rusty HammerAmerican cuisine49 Pleasant Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.therustyhammer.comThe main entry on State Street has a 2½” step. Staff are happy to unlock the door on the corner of State Street and Pleasant Street for entry through this slightly ramped, no-step entry.Accessible restroomGoodOn-street or Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces) or the Parrott Ave Parking Lot (4 handicapped spaces).
Shalimar IndiaIndian cuisine80 Hanover Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.shalimarindia.comGoodAccessible RestroomGood. Well spaced tablesHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces)
StarbucksCoffee bar1 Market Square, Portsmouthhttp://www.starbucks.com1½” lip at front entry. Three steps at side entry.Accessible RestroomGood. Well spaced tablesHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
STREETInternational cuisine801 Islington Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.streetfood360.comSnug vestibule at entry but doable with assistance with the inside door.Accessible restroomAcceptable, but some patrons might need to move to make room getting to and from tables in the back.Easy – Two handicapped spots right out front.Friendly staff and crowd, good vibe. Easy access from the sidewalk to the patio tables in front when the weather is nice.
Street'za and bBarPizzeria and speakeasy-style bar801 Islington St, Portsmouth, NH 03801http://streetza360.comGoodAccessible restroomStandard height tables, movable benchesOn-siteWalls and furniture are frequently re-arranged.
Surf RestaurantSeafood99 Bow Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.surfseafood.comGoodAccessible restroom is up a half flight of stairs in the common lobby. Although the restroom sign points to the stairs, use the elevator to the left of the restroom sign.High top tables near the entry, standard height tables in the rear and along the waterside.Curbside valet or Hanover Street Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)New construction
Thirsty MooseAmerican bar and grill21 Congress St, Portsmouthhttp://thirstymoosetaphouse.comGoodAccessible restroomsFront bar is all high tops, plentiful standard tables in the rear bar. No access to live music venue in the basementHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
White Heron TeaOrganic tea, coffee, cafe601 Islington Street, Portsmouthhttp://whiteherontea.comFront entry is good, right side entry is good, left side entry has stairsAccessible restroomsAll standard height tablesRight side parking lot is easiest with new side entry door.Coffee 'fixins bar is at bar height, but staff is happy to fix your coffee for you on request.
The Works Bakery CafeBagel and sandwich shop9 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.worksbakerycafe.comGoodInterior access: Counter service, friendly staff brings your food to your tableRestrooms: Accessible restroomHanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
3S ArtspacePerformance venue, Gallery, Restaurant319 Vaughn Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.3sarts.orgVery good. Gallery and performance space enter on the side of the building.Accessible restrooms.All seating is movable in the performance space. Gallery is entered via a long ramp.Public parking lot beside building.
African Burying GroundLandmark / local historyChestnut Street between Court and State Streets, Portsmouthhttp://www.africanburyinggroundnh.orgAn evocative public gathering space to acknowledge a more than 300-year old burying ground for African and African-descended people. Opened in 2015, the space is thoughtfully designed with very good surfaces and transitions for accessibility.
Discover PortsmouthVisitors center / local history10 Middle Street, Portsmouthhttp://portsmouthhistory.orgThere is an accessible entrance in the rear of the building serviced by a long ramp. The exterior doors are operated by a power assist button, the interior vestibule doors are on automatic sensors. Staff are happy to provide additional assistance.Accessible restroomsThere is an elevator beyond the front desk for moving to the upper floor. The elevator door opening is 32”, the interior cab is 42”x60.” Lower and upper level galleries and the special events room are spacious.Bridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces).There are renovations planned which will upgrade all aspects of accessibility in this building.
The Gundalow CompanyPublic sailing aboard a reproduction gundalow barge60 Marcy Street and Prescott Park dock, Portsmouthhttp://gundalow.orgThe new (2016) Gundalow gangway eliminates all steps for boarding the Piscataqua. The gangway has less grade at high tide.Interior access / on board: The deck is level and spacious. There are plentiful crew members who will assist people using wheelchairs.Restrooms: There are no accessible restrooms on board.Memorial Bridge lot (2 handicapped spaces), Prescott Park lot (5 handicapped spaces)The Gundalow Company office, on Marcy Street, has a step at the entry. However, all ticketing can be done online and a visit to the office is not necessary.
The Music Hall Historic TheaterPerforming arts center28 Chestnut Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.themusichall.orgUse the left hand pair of entry doors. The box office is inside on the right. During events, there are volunteers in Music Hall vests directly inside the entry ready to assist patrons with any needs.There is elegant ramping leading to the lobby restrooms. Ladies room is on the left, accessible stall is #9. Family restroom and men’s room are on the right. All are accessible. The family restroom is generously oversized and very accessible. The ladies and mens restrooms are some of the most unusual restrooms in the country, a visit is encouraged.There is an elevator from the street level lobby to the orchestra level. A staff member will facilitate. It will hold a person in a wheelchair plus staff member. The elevator doors open automatically at the orchestra level. The elevator does not service the balcony level. There are removable seats in the front row that staff will configure to suit your group. If you choose to transfer to regular seating, staff will store your chair until needed.Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces), Bridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces), Hanover St. Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Music Hall staff members and volunteers are very intuitive and accommodating. If you call ahead, they will be prepared for any special needs you may have; if you do not call in advance, their professional staff still handles accessibility needs with ease. There is a ‘house wheelchair’ available to borrow. There is additional accessibility information on the ‘Box Office Info’ page of the Music Hall website.
The Music Hall LoftPerforming arts and film venue131 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.themusichall.orgGood, has power assist doors on both sides of the vestibule.Very good accessible restrooms are on a level below. There is a staff operated elevator, the ushers stand by and are more than happy to assist.All seating is movable. The front row(s) are on the same level as the lobby, as are the ticket counter and bar.Worth Lot (5 handicapped spaces) is directly behind the venue and the Bridge St Lot (2 handicapped spaces) is equally close. There are on-street spaces in nearby Market Square. The Hanover St. Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces) is also near by.Very accessible with a staff that is welcoming and accommodating.
Players Ring TheatreIntimate local theater, original works105 Marcy Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.playersring.orgThe front door has a step. There is a ramped rear door opening directly into the theater space, the ramp has a 1 1/2? lip at the threshold. This rear door is locked with a push bar on the inside, a companion can go through from the front and unlock, or staff is happy to help.Accessible restroomsAll seating is movable and much of it is on one level. Sitting with a companion is no problem.Water St beside the building (1 handicapped space) and Water St dead-end by the water (2 handicapped spaces), Memorial Bridge lot (2 handicapped spaces), Prescott Park lot (5 handicapped spaces)The best way to ensure access is to call ahead. With notice, the staff will have the rear entry open, and seating space ready.
Portsmouth Athenaeum / Randall GalleryLibrary, museum, gallery9 Market Square, Portsmouthhttp://portsmouthathenaeum.orgThe front entry on Market Square has a step. In the rear, off of Ladd Street, there is a glass vestibule with a wooden ramp. The ramp is steep with cross pieces that impede access, but the Athenaeum is aware and working on an upgrade. From this rear vestibule there is access to an elevator.There is an accessible restroomThe third floor has adequate space to move through and a ramp into the adjacent Randall GalleryHanover St. Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)It is best to call ahead for assistance as entry can be tricky and the ramped rear vestibule is locked. The staff is happy to help. 603.431.2538
Portsmouth Escape RoomInteractive live adventure game95 Brewery Lane, Unit #13, Portsmouthhttp://portsmouthescaperoom.comDouble door entry with good clearance. At the entry there is a 2” threshold with crumbling concrete. You may need assistance to wheel over this threshold. The business is working with the building owner to improve this threshold.Interior access: Generous space in escape rooms, lobby and corridors.Restrooms: AccessibleThis space is in a strip of businesses with a large parking lot. Curb cuts are available about 40’ to both the left and right of the business entry. The curb cuts are deteriorating; you may need assistance to wheel over the curb cut.
Prescott ParkWaterfront park and entertainment venueMarcy Street, PortsmouthThere are multiple entry points into the park on State Street and Marcy Street. Sidewalks and curb cuts are good.Water St at Marcy (1 handicapped space) and Water St dead-end by the water (2 handicapped spaces), Memorial Bridge lot (2 handicapped spaces), Prescott Park lot (5 handicapped spaces)The park follows the waterfront and has two easy access piers that stretch out over the Piscataqua River. The popular waterfront park features extensive flower gardens, including large demonstration beds where many varieties of flowers are shown each summer. There are both gravel and paved walkways. The park hosts the Prescott Park Arts Festival, which during the summer presents a musical and dozens of performances by musicians and theater groups.
Seacoast Repertory TheatreProfessional regional theater125 Bow Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.seacoastrep.orgGoodAccessible restroomsThere is a lift to move from the street-level lobby to the accessible seating on the aisle level in the theater. On stage left there are two accessible spaces with two adjacent companion seats. On stage right there is a row of six folding chairs, removable to accommodate patrons with disabilities and their companions.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces), valet parking for a fee on Bow Street at Martingale Wharf.The theater allows early entry for patrons who need extra time to get to their seat. The accessible seating areas are shown on the theater seating chart, but are not available to purchase online, avoiding accidental purchase by patrons who do not need the access. Purchase by calling the box office at 603.433.4472 or emailing for assistance, tickets@seacoastrep.org.
Strawbery Banke MuseumLiving history museum14 Hancock Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.strawberybanke.orgStrawbery Banke’s ten acre campus includes eight heritage gardens and 32 historic buildings. The museum has an online visitors map with icons designating accessibility.Accessible restrooms, check map for locations.Varies, depending on the building. Buildings with limited accessibility are interpreted with photos by the guides.On-site parking lotThere are wheelchairs available to borrow in the Tyco Visitor’s Center. The museum café, Figtree Kitchen, is reviewed under restaurant listings. Labrie Family Skate at Strawbery Banke, a seasonal ice skating rink, offers ice time for skaters with disabilities with Northeast Passage staff and adaptive skating equipment.
West End Studio TheatreIntimate local theater959 Islington Street, Portsmouthhttp://nhtheatreproject.orgThere is a small lip to the sidewalk at the front door, it can be avoided by using the ramped sidewalk to the left of the door.Accessible restroom is backstage. Ask staff for assistance.There is a long row of movable seating on the entry level. Staff will remove a seat to allow wheelchair access.On-site parking lot.Staff is happy to configure seating ahead of time if you give a call and let them know your needs.
Coombs Art GalleryArt Gallery32 Daniel Street, PortsmouthRamped, good.Interior access: Clear, well spaced.Parking: Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Kennedy Gallery and Custom FramingArt Gallery and Framing shop41 Market Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.kennedygalleryandframing.comGood.Interior access: Clear, well spaced. Standard height counter.Parking: Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
NahcottaArt Gallery and Boutique Home Goods110 Congress Street, Portsmouthhttp://nahcotta.comGood, good pull side clearance.Interior access: Clear, well spaced. Standard height counter.Parking: Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Studio 51 CeresArt Gallery51 Ceres Street, PortsmouthGood.Interior access: Clear, well spaced.Parking: Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Todd Bonita GalleryArt Gallery39 Ceres Street, Portsmouthhttp://toddbonitagallery.comGood.Interior access: Clear, well spaced.Parking: Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Valerie’s GalleryFine American Crafts, Jewelry and Art117 Market Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.valeriesgalleries.comGood, no pull side clearance.Interior access: Clear, well spaced.Parking: Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Portsmouth Gas Light Co.Four venues: Wood-fired cooking & live entertainment64 Market Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.portsmouthgaslight.comGrill: There are steps to reach the Market St entry for the street level Grill. The patio entrance around the corner/back will give accessible rear entry to the street level Grill. Go through the patio (staff will accommodate) and enter through the back door labeled ‘restrooms.’ In the winter months, it is possible that the patio entrance may be blocked by snow. Call ahead to be sure the entrance is usable on the day you visit. Pizza Pub: Lower level, stairs only, not accessible. Deck: Easy access directly from the sidewalk on the corner of Market and Hanover St. Third Floor Nightclub: Use the small ATM entry lobby on the Hanover St side of the building, there is an elevator to access the nightclub.Accessible restrooms in the street level Grill also serve the patio. Third Floor Nightclub has accessible rest rooms in the hall outside the venue.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces). The rear patio door to the Grill is easy access from the Hanover St Parking Garage. There is also a very small parking lot adjacent to the patio (1 handicapped space).Because the Pizza Pub is not accessible, serving staff will allow patrons with accessibility needs to order from the Pizza Pub menu and will deliver the food to your table in the street level Grill.
Cup of JoeCoffee shop, cafe31 Market St, Portsmouth, NH 03801http://www.cupofjoenh.comAccessible side entry in Commercial Alley has a double door with good clearance. Front entry on Market St not accessible.Two accessible rest roomsGood spacing, one standard height table.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)Bar staff will bring your order to your table.
Raleigh Wine Bar + MarketWine bar and cafe67 State Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801http://www.raleighwinebar.comAccessibleRamp to accessible restroom.All tables are high tops. If you call ahead, staff will swap a high top for a standard height table. Ramp to specialty market.Memorial Bridge lot (2 handicapped spaces), Prescott Park lot (5 handicapped spaces)Summertime outdoor cafe has standard height tables.
Great Rhythm Brewing CompanyBrewery105 Bartlett Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.greatrhythmbrewing.comLong ramp, nicely doneAccessible restroomGood, two standard height tables. Lounge seating coming soon.On-site, one accessible space next to entry rampBeer only, no food at this time
Portsmouth BreweryBrewpub, American cuisine56 Market Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.portsmouthbrewery.comMarket St: There are steps to reach the main front door. There is Market Street wheelchair access thru the adjacent Portsmouth Brewery gift shop. Rear alley: There is a bright green door next to a bright green fence in the rear alley. That door is accessible, and leads to the main dining area. The rear door is unlocked and available until 9pm. Management is planning to add signage to help customers find this door.Non-accessible restrooms in side dining room accessed through gift shop, accessible restrooms in main bar area accessed from rear.A step prevents wheelchairs from traveling between the side dining room and the main dining room. No access to the basement Jimmy LaPanza Lounge.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Stoneface Brewing Co.Brew pub436 Shattuck Way, Newington, NH 03801http://www.stonefacebrewing.comExcellent ramp to easy doorwayAccessible restrooms, three grab barsStandard height tables, easy circulation, smooth floorTwo accessible spaces beside ramp


Our Walk ’n’ Roll map provides a user-tested, barrier-free loop through downtown Portsmouth. It helps guide users of wheelchairs and strollers, as well as the general public, travel around the historic downtown and waterfront. (Access Navigators does not monitor or certify the changing conditions of sidewalks, curb cuts or street crossings. Please use caution.)