Happy 30th anniversary to the Americans with Disabilities Act! Since its passage in 1990, this landmark legislation has helped increase access and opportunity for people with disabilities in our nation’s workplaces and communities. Architect Todd Hanson, founder of Access Navigators, never expected to play a leading role in building accessibility awareness and providing reliable accessibility information. We applaud his vision to create an organization that continues to have a positive impact on people and communities everywhere. Happy 30th ADA!

For those of you thinking of venturing out, Access Navigators is taking a look at outdoor dining accessibility in Portsmouth NH. Check back regularly, restaurants are added every week. For those of you “dining out” at home, there are great take-out options all over town offering curbside pick-up and delivery. Whatever you choose, bon appetit!

Access Navigators has become a leader in advocacy for people impacted by disabilities by speaking all over the world about the impact of accessibility on people and the economy; mentoring students and volunteers as advocates and data collectors; and continuing to look for new ways to keep people impacted by disabilities connected to their communities. Today, in the midst of a global pandemic, we’re pausing and pondering new ways that our knowledge and reach can bring a positive influence to the re-shaping of our communities. We’ll keep you posted as we develop strategies for growth.

Todd Hanson and Anne Weidman of Access Navigators honored with the 2019 Governor’s Accessibility Award! Presented by the New Hampshire Governor’s Commission on Disability, the award is given to individuals who have distinguished themselves through initiatives that embody the mission of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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Accessibility Guides

Our online accessibility maps and listings help people with mobility challenges stay engaged in the community. Too often, mobility challenges lead to isolation and disconnection. Going out can be stressful; one unexpected impediment can derail the entire outing, affecting both the person with mobility challenges and their family and friends. Knowing what to expect, and the ability to plan in advance, changes the likelihood of successful outings.

The Access Navigators team and partners take to the streets and assess local restaurants and cultural attractions for physical barriers that impact accessibility. We provide an online form for data collection. To ensure reliable reporting, we use a team of local residents who are wheelchair users as “fact checkers.” They check our listings for accuracy and give us feedback.

Our unique Walk ’n’ Roll map provides a user-tested, barrier-free loop through downtown Portsmouth and helps guide users of wheelchairs and strollers, as well as the general public, travel around the historic downtown and waterfront.

We began this initiative in our hometown: Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We have encouraged businesses to see this as an economic driver by including links to their business website and helping with details that improve their listing. We have since expanded our reach to include communities all around the Seacoast area and we are looking for partners all around the globe to help us bring these benefits to all communities.

You can browse all of our accessibility maps and business listings by selecting your location from the top menu. Contact us to help bring Access to your community!

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