New England Breweries

New Englanders’ love for beer goes all the way back to the Pilgrims, who each reportedly drank a gallon a day while sailing on the Mayflower. Today’s booming microbrewery business builds upon that tradition, creating gathering spots for local residents and tourists alike, but these new businesses — many located in quirky warehouse spaces — raise questions for those with mobility challenges: Will I be able to enter the building? Is the interior accommodating? Are the restrooms accessible?

The Access Navigators team heads to local breweries to inspect the sites for physical barriers that impact accessibility and regularly updates our findings in this handy guide. You can contribute by adding your observations using our online assessment report!

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Tributary Brewing CompanyBrewery and tasting room10 Shapleigh Road, Kittery ME http://tributarybrewingcompany.comRamp to double door entry with large accessible vestibuleAccessible, three grab barsPicnic tables with accessible extension accommodating a wheelchairSix accessible spaces in on-site parking lotDeck access from tasting room, has picnic tables with accessible extension
Throwback BreweryMicrobrewery with outdoor patio7 Hobbs Rd, North Hampton, NH 03862https://throwbackbrewery.comNew renovation which accommodates the pull side clearance. The ramp to the outdoor patio is steep and the patio surface is gravel.Accessible restrooms, three grab barsThere is a clear circulation between tables. Both standard height and high top tables.There is one designated accessible parking space.Great brews, fun vibe!
Bent Water Brewing Co.Microbrewery with bar snacks & music180 Commercial Street, Lynn, MAhttp://www.bentwaterbrewing.comEntry has a slight elevation change at the threshold of about 1 inch. There is a door without a power opener but had pullside clearance.Accessible restroomsThere is a clear path between the bar and standard height tables. No elevation changes. The brewery space is small but long. Pathway between bar seating and standard height tables is approximately 3 and a half feet.There is reserved parking that could accommodate handicap spaces. However there are no designated accessible parking spots.Great place for a beer, but door threshold requires some additional help for clearing the elevation change of one inch.
Night Shift BrewingMicrobrewery with food truck, gift shop & patio87 Santilli Hwy, Everett, MA 02149https://www.nightshiftbrewing.comFree of steps, double doors with pull clearance. Entry does not have power openers.Accessible restroomsOpen circulation with standard height tables.No accessible parking spaces.Great local brewery that is handicap accessible!!!
Austin Street BreweryBrewery tasting room with food trucks & outdoor seating1 Industrial Way, Unit 8, Portland, Mainehttp://www.austinstreetbrewery.comPull side clearance is good - two doors plus a garage door. No steps.No grab bars, but generously sized. Small - you sill want to be outside at the picnic tables. There is adequate shade for the summer months.On-site, limited when busy.
Battery Steele BrewingTasting room brewery with food trucks. 1 Industrial Way, Portland, ME. 04102http://www.batterysteele.comGarage door and 36” entry door. No steps - enter at grade.No grab bars, but generously sized. Very open with a small rise to clear at the garage door entrance.On-site, limited when busy.
Loaded Question BreweryNano brewery in warehouse with a rustic vibe909 Islington Street suite #12 Portsmouth, NHhttps://www.loadedquestionbrewing.comEntry has a ramp that does not have a pull side clearance, lacks a guardrail at the bottom of the ramp. Accessible restroomsInterior is small, however it has standard height tables that are accessible with wheelchair.There is convenient parking, however there are no designated accessible spaces.Excellent new brewery!
Naukabout Brewing Co.Small brewery with food truck and outdoor seating area13 Lake Ave, Mashpee MAhttp://www.naukabout.comCompliant, ramp to front door Accessible rest rooms with two grab bars, apron sink. High top and standard height tables. Plenty of space for maneuvering. Chair height tables use benches. Outdoor seating area is accessible from the exterior. Two clearly marked handicap spots with plenty of room, flat surface, located close to entry rampOutdoor area is gravel.
Long Trail BreweryBrewery with self guided tours, bar & restaurant5520 US Rte. 4, Bridgewater Corners, VT 05035http://longtrail.comFree of steps, with a drainage grate outside. Double doors.Accessible restroomsClear circulation. Self guided tour is not accessible. A staircase leads to a short elevated walkway with no elevator that overlooks the warehouse. Standard height tables for dining.Two accessible parking spaces next to the entrance.Great place for a beer!
Woodland Farms BrewerySmall brew pub with bar 306 US Route 1, Unit C, Kittery, ME 03904http://wfbrewery.comEasy access with ramp, good threshold. Two grab bars, paper towel dispenser is a little high but is still accessible.Interior includes a high top bar and standard height tables accessible to wheelchairs. Circulation is sufficient.Four accessible parking spaces Small accessible friendly setting.
Cisco Brewers (formerly Redhook)Brew pub1 Redhook Way, Pease International Tradeport, Portsmouth, NH 03801Heavy doors, assistance required to open.The restroom door requires assistance to open, it has some resistance. The bathroom door is also restricted and is within a narrow corridor which would require assistance to enter the restroom. The stall door opens the opposite way and can be an obstacle, however it is still able to access. The toilet has 3 grab bars. The paper towel dispenser is a little high, however the hand dryer can be accessed at a low height. There is clear circulation throughout interior and there are standard height tables. Six accessible parking spaces provided close to the porte cochere and the main entrance.This review is of the dining area and the bar. The review of the brewery tour to follow at a later date.
Harpoon Brewery & Beer HallCraft brewery on the waterfront306 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210 door entry, help needed to open doors, no automatic opener.
Has stairs up to the bar, restrooms, and gift shop; however there is an elevator. Vestibule has enough clearance to elevator.
Restroom entry is airport style with no door. Accessible stall with two grab bars and a flush button on the top. Bathrooms on the tour have a toilet with one grab bar behind the toilet.Bar room is open with standard height tables and movable benches. The tour is accessible with ramps, however the tasting room has only high top tables and a high top bar.Three accessible spots close to entrance of building.Great place to grab a beer and pretzels!
Liars Bench Beer CoMicrobrewery in adapted warehouse459 Islington Street #4, Portsmouth, NH 03801 leads to accessible rear entry. Restroom includes three grab bars, the right size and location. The sink level is good, however the soap dispenser is high above the sink level. Brew house and bathrooms are all on one floor. Brew house has standard height tables with movable benches. Circulation through space is enough to navigate with a standard size wheelchair.Handicap accessible parking spots are not clearly marked, however they offer parking spots in front of the building in close proximity to the ramp.Great place for a beer, and has some ability for rearranging furniture for different layouts.
Newburyport Brewing Co.Brewery and tap room4 New Pasture Rd, Newburyport, MAhttp://nbptbrewing.comCompliantOne woman's and one unisex accessible restroom, with accessible sinks and two grab barsAll high top tables and bar, owner said card tables could be available for someone in a wheelchair upon request. There is a chair height bench along the entry wall. There are no clearly marked handicap spots but there is an off street parking lot for the brewery and few surrounding business. There was only 1 spot in a convenient location to the curb ramp. This spot is located right in front of Meadows construction company. There is an outdoor seating option. The door from the interior directly to the outdoor seating is not accessable. You can go out the front door and around to the side where there is a gate you can access the seating area. Outdoor seating area is a grassy surface.
Schilling Beer Co.Brewery18 Mill Street, Littleton NH 03561 has a concrete ramp with railings, push button door opener, and a flush threshold.ADA compliantSpacious. Outdoor deck accessible, has fixed seating picnic tables.An accessible parking space is available about 75' away.Schilling Beer Co. has two buildings in the River District of Littleton. Their first location is a rustic restaurant located in a restored grist mill. It has a ramped entry, standard height tables and an accessible restroom. Interior spaces can be tight when busy.
Neighborhood Beer Co.Neighborhood Beer Company has closed, November 2018.156 Epping Rd, Exeter, NH 03833Ramp to front entrance.Three grab bars.Standard height tables. High bar table top and chairs. May need companion to order at the bar section of restaurant.Parking lot with spaces in front of restaurant. No designated handicap spots.
Riverwalk Brewing Co.Brewery, taproom40 Parker Street, Newburyport MAhttp://riverwalkbrewing.comAccessible ramp to door.Fully accessible, two grab barsPlenty of space. Mix of standard height and high top tables. Outdoor patio is not accessible.Private lot with accessible spaces
Great Rhythm Brewing CompanyBrewery105 Bartlett Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.greatrhythmbrewing.comLong ramp, nicely doneAccessible restroomGood, two standard height tables. Lounge seating coming soon.On-site, one accessible space next to entry rampBeer only, no food at this time
Portsmouth BreweryBrewpub, American cuisine56 Market Street, Portsmouthhttp://www.portsmouthbrewery.comMarket St: There are steps to reach the main front door. There is Market Street wheelchair access thru the adjacent Portsmouth Brewery gift shop. Rear alley: There is a bright green door next to a bright green fence in the rear alley. That door is accessible, and leads to the main dining area. The rear door is unlocked and available until 9pm. Management is planning to add signage to help customers find this door.Non-accessible restrooms in side dining room accessed through gift shop, accessible restrooms in main bar area accessed from rear.A step prevents wheelchairs from traveling between the side dining room and the main dining room. No access to the basement Jimmy LaPanza Lounge.Hanover St Parking Garage (18 handicapped spaces)
Stoneface Brewing Co.Brew pub436 Shattuck Way, Newington, NH 03801http://www.stonefacebrewing.comExcellent ramp to easy doorwayAccessible restrooms, three grab barsStandard height tables, easy circulation, smooth floorTwo accessible spaces beside ramp

(Image: Quinn Dombrowski/CC BY-SA 2.0)