Newburyport, MA

This accessibility guide helps people with mobility challenges in Newburyport stay engaged in the community. The Access Navigators team takes to the streets to inspect restaurants and cultural attractions for physical barriers that impact accessibility and regularly updates our findings in this handy guide. You can contribute by adding your observations using our online assessment report!

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Visual Access
Newburyport Brewing Co.Brewery and tap room4 New Pasture Rd, Newburyport, MAhttp://nbptbrewing.comCompliantOne woman's and one unisex accessible restroom, with accessible sinks and two grab barsAll high top tables and bar, owner said card tables could be available for someone in a wheelchair upon request. There is a chair height bench along the entry wall. There are no clearly marked handicap spots but there is an off street parking lot for the brewery and few surrounding business. There was only 1 spot in a convenient location to the curb ramp. This spot is located right in front of Meadows construction company. There is an outdoor seating option. The door from the interior directly to the outdoor seating is not accessable. You can go out the front door and around to the side where there is a gate you can access the seating area. Outdoor seating area is a grassy surface.
Plum Island BeachcomaCasual American23 Plum Island Turnpike, Newbury MAhttp://pibeachcoma.comGoodSink blocks pullside clearance. Men's room is slightly small, door swings in.GoodPrivate lot
West Row Cafe and BarAmerican bistro33 Market Square, Newburyport MAhttp://westrowcafe.comSide entrance on Inn Street fully accessibleOk. Sink blocks pullside clearance.GoodGreen Street lot, 5 accessible spaces.Online menu
Superfine FoodsCasual American17 State Street, Newburyport MAhttp://superfinefood.comDouble door entry, narrow.Sink blocks pullside clearance.GoodGreen Street lot, 5 accessible spaces.
Anchor Stone Deck PizzaPizzeria44 State Street, Newburyport MAhttp://anchorpizzeria.comStep at front entrance. Back entrance has sunken brickwork causing one inch step.GoodGood. No access to second level dining.Green Street lot, 5 accessible spaces On-street parking corner of State and Pleasant.Online menu
GrogAmerican cuisine, comfort food13 Middle Street, Newburyport MAhttp://thegrog.comStaff can provide ramp upon request.No pullside clearance. Stall is ok. One grab bar on back wall
Short grab bar on side wall.
There are multiple levels. Restroom access is one step down from main entrance. There is a secondary entrance to this lower level from the street. Booth seating and bar at main entry level. Basement, second and third floor dining not accessible.Private lot, no HC designated spaces.Online menu
Jewel in the CrownIndian cuisine23 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MAhttp://newburyportjewel.comNarrow double door entry, one side operable.Men's room is ok. At time of visit, trashcan was in path of accessible stall. Woman's room accessible stall is 5x5. Toilet paper holder on opposite wall.GoodPrince Street lot.Online menu
OreganoPizzeria and restaurant16 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MAhttp://oreganopizzeria.comOk. Angled entryway obstructing pullside clearance, a companion may need to hold the door.GoodGoodOn-street parking directly in front.
Stone Crust Artisan PizzaPizzeria8 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MAhttp://stonecrustpizza.comShort semi-steep ramp to door, no landing.Good. Pathway to restroom is tight but navigable.Limited standard height tablesOn-street parking, corner of State and Pleasant. Green Street lot, 5 accessible spaces.Large digital screen
LorettaAmerican cuisine15 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MA Street lot, 5 accessible spaces.Online menu
Angie's FoodDiner with breakfast, lunch and dinner7 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MAhttp://angiesfoodanddiner.comPull side clearance not quite 18". Specials placard blocks pull side clearance. Refrigerator placed just inside of door at latch side jamb blocking push side clearance.Restroom itself is good. Supplies stored next to door causing obstruction.Narrow passage but navigable. Limited tables with removable chairs. Mostly booths.Green Street lot, 5 accessible spaces. On-street space on corner of State and Pleasant.
Commune CafeCafe, crepery33 Pleasant Street, Newburyport MAhttp://communenewburyport.comDouble door entry, may need companion to hold second door open as single side is narrow.Single side grab bar. Door swings in with limited pull side clearance.GoodGreen Street lot, 5 accessible spaces.Online menu
Coffee FactoryCafe56 State Street, Newburyport MAhttp://www.thecoffeefactorynh.comStep at front entrance. Ring bell for ramp and assistance.GoodGoodGreen Street lot, 5 accessible spaces. HC spot on street directly in front of cafe.Access to bookstore with ramp through cafe.
JuiceryOrganic juice and smoothies40 State Street, Newburyport MAhttp://www.juicery.comStep at front entrance. Use back entrance. Ring bell for ramp and assistance. At time of visit, bell did not work.GoodGoodGreen Street lot, 5 accessible spaces.Online menu
Brick and AshPub and comfort food10 Center Street, Newburyport MAhttp://brickandash.comAccessible ramp to good entrySeparate unisex fully accessible restroom.First floor bar is accessible with limited standard height tables. Outside dining area has lip at threshold and may require help from a companion.Has its own lot with accessible spaces.Second floor dining and game room not accessible
Port TavernPub84 State Street, Newburyport MAhttp://www.theporttavern.comEntry is goodSaloon doors to bathroom corridor. Door swings into HC stall. Stall has two grab bars. Navigation is tricky.Space is good with mix of standard height and high top tables.HC designated on street parking in front of library or lot at corner of State and Harris.
Sea Level Oyster BarSeafood and Oyster bar1 Market Squarehttps://sealevelnewburyport.comLevel entry with large obstruction-free vestibule. Accessible restrooms on lower level, accessed by elevator in the restaurant. There is a clear path between furniture. Standard height tables throughout the interior and on both front and rear seasonal patiosEast or West lotOnline menuThe restaurant is co-located in the building with the Firehouse Center for the Arts.
Famous PizzaPizza, Roast Beef and Seafood2 Storey Avenue, Newburyport, MA 01950 wide-door entryTwo large ADA-compliant single-stall restroomsWide aisles; people utilizing wheelchairs can sit at head of booth or at one of several tables for four.Two handicapped spaces right outside front door; immediate access to curb cut.Online menu, Large digital screen menu board near cashier area
Giuseppe's Italian RestaurantItalian cuisine257 Low St., Newburyport door, pull entry with adequate push/pull clearance; metal threshold is about 3/4 inch, but has a curved profile.Two fully-accessible unisex restrooms, one on each of two restaurant levels.There are two eating levels, with about three steps leading to the upper level. The lower level is accessible from within the restaurant; the upper level is not accessible due to the steps inside the restaurant, but is accessible to wheelchairs from an external front door that may be opened upon request. There are 2 handicapped spaces: 1 is by front door, and the second is around the right side of the building by the fitness studio next door. The asphalt parking lot surface and the adjacent sidewalk next to the building are level to each other. Note: Parking lot becomes quite full during peak dinner hours. Call ahead for advice on best timing to avoid crowds if this is a concern. Online menu, Wait staff will gladly guide you through menu choices.
China WokChinese/Asian Fusion45 Storey Avenue, Newburyporthttps://chinawoknewburyport.comLevel entry. Single pull door with adequate side clearance. Fully accessible unisex bathroom. Clear pathways. Wheelchairs can easily fit under four-top tables.There are 4 handicapped spaces within 20 to 25 yards from the front entrance. There are adequate curb cuts and/or ramps leading to the restaurant's front door.Online menu
Hodgie's IISeasonal Home-made Ice Cream Stand251 Low Street, Newburyport seasonal business with counter/window ordering under covered vestibuleA fully-accessible unisex restroom is available inside the staff area upon request via left-side entrance. Pathway to restroom may be narrow due to product storage; If so, request staff assistance. Seating at ends of picnic tables may be possible, though for some of these tables, transitions from concrete slab to hard grassy areas may be necessary. There are two handicapped parking spaces on the left side of the businessRequest assistance from staff for regular and special flavors; Flavors are also frequently posted to the Facebook page (see website information below for Facebook page)
Revitalive CafeVegetarian, Gluten Free Restaurant50 Water Street Mill 1, Newburyport, MA 01950http://www.revitalife.comDouble doors into Tannery building, open door in to cafe. Level entry. Good access from parking.Common restrooms for the entire shopping complex on the first floor. One accessible unisex restroom about 40 yards from the restaurant with a clear path. Small interior but easily accommodates chair at counter and at standard height tablesAccess from Water St side lot is excellent Multiple HC spots in lot. 2 right near closest door to Tannery building a 30 feet to restaurant from space. No curbs. Clear level path. Online menu: Can order online or phone and then pick up.
Brown Sugar By The SeaThai Cuisine75 Water St Newburyport, MA 01950http://www.brownsugarbythesea.comEasy slight ramp entrance from sidewalk into reception area. Door access good. Door opens out to right with no extra clearance but plenty from left. No clearance under sink. Accessible stall spacious with grab bars.Both standard height and high-top tables. Good access around tables. Clear path no interior steps for most of dining area. Street parking in front and across street in Tannery lot with many HP spaces. One HP space at each end of restaurant off street near curb cut outs.
Starboard GalleyCasual dining: seafood, beef, poultry and full bar55 Water St Newburyport, MA 01950Accessible side entrance on right of building with access to spacious reception area. Accessible restroom with good clearance in and out and around sink and stall. Mix of table and booths. Standard height and high tops. Clear paths to seating. Free of steps. Outside dining upon request available to accommodate lower table seating. Street parking immediately in front and across Water St. Rear parking with 4 HP spaces. Easy path from back to side entrance. Online menu
The Angry DonutBrioche Style Donuts and MORE Bakery38 Washington St Newburyport, MA 01950 entry around corner on Winter ST.http://www.theangrydonut.comSmall ramp at entry. Door opens out and might require assistance. Staff are near the door and happy to help. One step up into small restroom. Not wheelchair accessible. Small eating area, two standard height tables. Easy to move from order counter to tables. Parking in front on Winter and around corner on Washington. Curb cut on Washington behind the building. Small bakery shop, staff very accommodating and willing to help their customers.
The Park LunchFamily Style Restaurant and Pub181 Merrimac St Newburyport, MA 01950Ramp entry on left side of building. Door opens out to the right. Two good accessible restrooms. Doors on both bathrooms open in. Clearance on both sides. Booths, standard height tables and a few high tops. No interior steps. Good access. Parking all around building off street. Ramp on left of building and 2 dedicated HP spaces near beginning of ramp. Easy access from lot. Online menu
Chococoa CafeBakery Coffee Shop/Espresso Bar Whoopie Pies a Specialty. The Tannery Marketplace Mill Building #1 50 Water St. Newburyport, MA 01950 Easy access from Water St parking lot through wide double doors at either end of Tannery Building Mill Building #1. Chococoa at right side when facing building. Tannery unisex accessible restrooms just steps from entrance to restaurant. Clear wide pathway to counter for ordering and to tables. Standard height tables very accommodating for WC access. No steps or thresholds. Water Street lot has many HP spaces in lot and One 15ft from the entrance nearest Chococoa. No curbs or impediments. Online menu
Black CowFine American Cuisine40 Merrimac Streethttp://blackcowrestaurant.comAccessible patio entry on Merrimac StreetGoodLimited standard height tables on first floor, but plenty of tables on the second level and roof patio. There is elevator access.2 designated spots out frontOnline menu
Michael's HarborsideAmerican Cuisine1 Tournament Wharf, Newburyport MA entry into a wide vestibule with good clearanceTwo separate unisex fully accessible restrooms, one each on first and second floors. Clear path between furniture and fixtures to allows good circulation to public areas on first and second floors. Second floor accessible by elevator in main entrance vestibule. Furniture at accessible heights available throughout all public areas except a portion of the seasonal first floor outside area. There are other seasonal outside areas with accessible height tables.Has its own lot with accessible spacesOnline menu
Riverwalk Brewing Co.Brewery, taproom40 Parker Street, Newburyport MAhttp://riverwalkbrewing.comAccessible ramp to door.Fully accessible, two grab barsPlenty of space. Mix of standard height and high top tables. Outdoor patio is not accessible.Private lot with accessible spacesOnline menu
The PoyntChef-driven Cuisine with Fresh Ingredients; Pizza & Bar31 Water Street door located at rear of restaurant facing the parking lot. Please call restaurant 30 minutes ahead of your arrival time, and then again when you arrive so staff/management can meet you at the accessible door at rear of building. Ramps leading to rear door are located at either end of the building (ramp at south end of building is somewhat closer than ramp at north end of building). Restaurant does not take reservations, but does utilize the phone app called "Nowait". Both the men's and women's restrooms are fully ADA-compliant/accessible. Some aisles or between-table spaces, though passable, may be narrow, especially when restaurant is busy.One handicapped parking space is located in the parking lot at each of the north and south ends of the building; each parking space is near one of the ramps that lead to the accessible entrance at rear of restaurant. Online menu

(Image: Doug Kerr/CC BY-SA 2.0)