For those of you thinking of venturing out, Access Navigators is taking a look at outdoor dining accessibility in Portsmouth. Check back regularly, restaurants are added every week. For those of you “dining out” at home, there are great take-out options all over town offering curbside pick-up and delivery. Whatever you choose, bon appetit!

Portsmouth Gaslight Co & The Portsmouth Brewery

Two of Portsmouth’s favorite iconic restaurants offer side-by-side accessible rear patios. Portsmouth Gas Light Co. (orange umbrellas) and The Portsmouth Brewery (white umbrellas) are both adjacent to the Hanover Parking Garage (18 accessible spaces) and also adjacent to a small parking lot with one accessible space. Both have accessible restrooms right inside their rear doors. These are easy choices for wheel-friendly dining!

Cure Restaurant

Cure Restaurant on Penhallow Street has great outdoor choices! On-street dining, easily accessible with curb cut entry, or courtyard dining with a tent overhead. The side door for the courtyard and the accessible restroom has a small new ramp to get you over the threshold smooth as can be. Wheel friendly all the way.


Fronting on Congress Street, but also taking advantage of tree-shaded Vaughn Mall, The District has standard height tables and an accessible restroom just steps away from the Worth parking lot.

Shalimar India

Part of the five-accessible-restaurant line-up in Vaughn Mall is Shalimar India. Standard height tables and an accessible restroom coupled with easy parking make this a very wheel-friendly choice.

Green Room

Vaughn Mall is an easy destination when you’re looking for wheel-friendly choices. The Green Room and The Goods Market and Cafe both have standard height tables, and accessible rest rooms. The Worth parking lot is just a few steps away.

Cafe Mediterraneo

Cafe Mediterraneo has opened a back patio on the Worth Lot. If you’re on wheels, the path to the restroom from the back patio is tricky. Instead, consider dining at one of these umbrella-shaded tables out front. Standard height tables, easy travel path to the accessible restroom, and a perfect view of lively Congress Street!


Classic outdoor dining at Popovers on the Square! Level surface, standard height tables, accessible restroom. Best people-watching vantage point in town!

Elephantine Bakery

The back patio at Elephantine Bakery is lovely, wheel friendly, and filled with standard height tables. A fully accessible restroom is inside the bakery.

Tuscan Kitchen

Tuscan Kitchen has created an outdoor dining oasis in Portsmouth’s Market Square. Access is easy, no thresholds or curbs. All tables are standard height. Right hand door has an automatic opener button for easy path to accessible restrooms inside. (Door is marked staff only, no worries, others may use it too.)